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Nature of Seeing

Drawing-based Workshops, Retreats, One to Ones, for all abilities.

Nature of Seeing workshops are all about helping you discover, train and maintain your highest levels of creativity.  Our passion is to find your passion,

to release the extra-ordinary that resides within you.

'The day is coming when a carrot, freshly observed, will start a revolution'.

Paul Cezanne.

We all draw that which we think we see - there are no bad drawers and the ability to draw is directly dependent on how much energy we want to invest

in looking.  Our main task then is to return constantly to the intuitive response, the instant before the mind begins its questioning; the space where the real magic of you resides.., the space where you can really 'see'. 

The truth is in there, let the drawings reveal it..!

More details Here and see Events for upcoming workshops.

Contact me - any requests considered.


Now available for the first time.

It's a unique time for human evolution - an opportunity to focus on those passions and futures that we would like to manifest.

I'm excited to offer Nature of Seeing sessions online.

It's easy to set up and with a good connection and

suitable screen, works very well, especially One to One.

Drawing is our medium, though the application reaches

far beyond making marks on paper - helping to reveal

your true and unlimited creative potential...

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'The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for your senses to grow sharper'   W.B.Yeats

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