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Nature of Seeing

What is Nature of Seeing?

I have taught Nature of Seeing workshops with countless individuals and groups for around 25 years - in schools and colleges throughout the UK and abroad, at West Dean College and The British Museum and on TV.  The teaching has taken me to Italy, India, Canada, Holland and Germany and on retreats to the highlands of Scotland.

Most of us could be said to be scratching the surface of that which we are

capable of seeing.  With an exploration of vision through drawing it is found

that, more often than not, it is our mind's ideas that dictate how we see, 

rather than our authentic or intuitive response.  Moving beyond the mind

is to experience the joy of the true source of creativity.

Stillness techniques, meditation, healing, qigong are all explored.  

The workshops can be life-changing, as they delve deeply into the

creative source that surrounds us at all times and resides, sometimes

hidden, within us all...

Nature of Seeing workshops are an holistic approach to drawing.

Holistic: That the parts of someone or something are only explicable

by reference to the whole.


What You will Learn


-  How previous drawing ability is not necessary and how beginners

   can even be at an advantage.

-  How to increase your confidence in drawing and seeing.

-  How to read the quality of a line.

-  How to improve the quality of line that you produce and on a regular basis.

-  How to use meditation techniques to improve and extend your focus.

-  How to learn from each drawing that you produce so that you begin to

   teach yourself.

-  How to increase the joy of discovery with every drawing that you make.

-  How to bring present moment awareness into your drawings and daily life.


-  How the ability to create and to create something of high quality is not the           prerogative of a select few but is rather the birthright of all.

-  How our usual mind and result-based approach is limited and restrictive.

-  How to see beyond the mind's limitations - to really look.

-  How true seeing must come from fully using all of your senses and your spirit.

-  How present moment awareness is essential to bring a true picture of what

   you see and how you react.

-  How to fully interact with nature and the object of your attention.

-  How to fully appreciate the miracles that surround us and to lose yourself in         undiluted passion for your connections to the natural world.

On drawing an aspen tree...

'The beautiful lines insisted on being traced, without weariness.  More and more beautiful they became as each rose out of the rest and took it's place in the air.  With wonder increasing every instant I saw that the lines composed themselves, by finer laws than any known to men.  At last the tree was there, and everything that I had thought before about trees..,


John Ruskin

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