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September 2023

Scroll down for news of a new book cover.

Reports and photos on Conferences and a Workshop in Italy.


The Busto Folk Festival also marked the launch of a new book by my great friend Marina Lenti.

Some months ago Marina asked me to consider illustrating her soon-to-be published novel.  

I was only too delighted to accept.  The tale is an irresistable mix of intricate storytelling combined with high adventure, told in a sophisticated language that demands one's attention.

Gripping from the first page.

From the Press release:-

Dragons are the most legendary and, arguably, the most fascinating, creatures to dwell in the Collective Unconscious. For this reason they have inspired countless stories, throughout the centuries.

But what if we tell their stories from a totally unusual perspective? What if we give them such

a detailed background to the extent it can affect the language? If we outline the sense of wonder that leans on all our physical perceptions?

I Ribelli dell'Alianco is a novel that challenges the rules and catapults the reader into a world where the myth of the dragon is revisited by reshuffling the cards of the imaginary.

Get ready to fall in love with these creatures once again, in a story where the unexpected blends with the enchantment.

From the back cover:-

A bloody fight is ongoing in the Subordìte Lands.

Its inhabitants have always lived peacefully in close contact with the beings who populated them since before their arrival: the dragons. But the usurper Sonve I, with unprecedented atrocity, is trying to kill or confiscate the fascinating creatures and, through a ferocious edict, has forbidden any unregulated possession.

However, a rebel organization, called Aliànco, courageously defends these magnificent animals, albeit in an unequal fight, from the claws of the tyrant. Not only does it fight for their freedom, but it also trains its own affiliates on how to take care of and protect them, keeping the beats in a secret archipelago.

Daìr joins the battle as a young apprentice, to fulfil his childhood dream of becoming a Dracagardànto, a guardian of dragons. But, will he be able to overcome the challenges of reality and to save the beings he loves, or will he be forced to succumb to hardship and tyranny?

CONFERENCE AND WORKSHOP, Busto Folk Festival, Busto Arsizio, VA, Italy

16th September 2023

Accompanying the Busto Folk Festival, which along with some great music included stands

of wizarding paraphenalia and authors.  The conference about my illustration career and involvement with Harry Potter was a pleasure since the audience were very engaged,

asking some good questions.  And the room was thankfully very cool after the outdoor heat.


So good to be back teaching again after the pandemic.  The workshop was in a classroom immediately above a bar with a football match being broadcast at very high volume.  I don't know how participants focused but they did, beautifully.  Turned out to be the most attentive group I've had since teaching in Italy - and they produced some wonderful drawings!

CONFERENCES, Wizardia Festival, Villa Barni Di Roncandello, Dovera, CR, Italy

23rd and 24th September 2023


Villa Barni is such a wonderful place and I was honoured to be so warmly welcomed both

by the staff and the President of the foundation who look after the Villa, Giovanni Galbiati. 

Even more honoured to have a private tour of the Tiepolo frescoes!   


Conferences were intimate in a beautiful room of landscape frescoes.  We started very late following set up issues with the computer/projector but in spite of this, again the audiences seemed very attentive.  Italians are so relaxed about timing...

And we are discussing the possibility of workshop at Villa Barni in the near future.

My biggest thanks to my friend and translator, Marina Lenti.

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