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'Thank you so much for such a special week in Scotland!  I laughed again, drew again, saw, felt, heard, lived and loved again.  Things that I had only caught a glimpse of came back completely and I am so grateful to you for enabling me to experience this and to share it.'

Erica Sharpe, Jeweller

'Your concentration techniques are slowly spending throughout the school with an astonishing effect.  A number of teachers have been in to ask me how you focused the children's attention.  Countless parents have mentioned that their child came home buzzing with enthusiasm.

Therefore, I do hope you will want to come back in the future.'

Emma Neville, Bishop's Stortford College

'Thank you for the healing, the seeing, the stillness, the warmth of fires, hearts, nature, animals.  What you provided for us on the island was truly magical and

I will never forget Carna and the wonderful people I shared it with.  I will continue with the meditations and the drawing and hopefully the seeing of the magic in all things!  Much love to you.'

Natasha Khan, Singer, Musician and founder of Bat For Lashes


'I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and Cliff for a truly fantastic workshop.  The experience was thoroughly enjoyed by all.  Cliff was absolutely exceptional and the workshop was a magical transportation to a world of seeing, stories and meditation.'   

Brenda Greene, Hull's School, Zurich

'What a lovely and great experience.  Such a lot of impressions, the best cooking and very kind people - amazing.  And what an interesting journey to the soul, mind and body.  Thanks a lot to Cliff, Frances and Roxchel, we love you!  The best wellness programme for ever...'

Uwe and Ute Hantschack, Germany

'Thank you for the amazing outstanding experience!  Our hearts are full of joy and harmony.  No wonder I feel snugly and touched by this teaching, it's full of devotion and love.  It is an honour to know you.'

Mona Dannenberg, Designer, Germany

The basic concept was not new to me but the depth of delivery, understanding, holistic approach and attention to detail took this to a MUCH deeper level, making connections far beyond the world of art and into life in it's most meaningful sense.'

Liz Edwards, Teacher and Artist

'Another moment of bliss that lasted a week.  Touching, feeling, healing and being one with nature and seeing from within to make marks on the paper.  Thank you.'

Emmanuelle Desachy, France

'Great experience.  So enjoyed the being here and lovely to have so many components expressing the joy of silence.  Ps:  The course could also be

called The Journey Home.'

Oonagh Campbell, Ireland

'Amazing discovery today - I can draw!  As long as I create some stillness first... Thank you for allowing me to experience NOW.'

Sharon Wright, Business Consultant

'Again, thank you for a wonderful workshop.  I will always treasure the magical memories and lessons learned, and the opportunity of having met such a beautiful, gentle soul as you.  I hope that I shall be blessed with seeing you again in the not to distant future.'

Venessa Starr, USA

'I'm still in the afterglow of a magical week filled with love and adventure - thank you all from the bottom of my heart - you are all beautiful, amazing and very generous.  Eclectic use of core universals used to remove fear of the blank page.  Wonderful and life-changing and usable in so many arenas.  Good food, good company, good intent delivered in love.'

Mark Scorer, Financial Advisor

'Thank you for a wonderful day!  Learning to get in touch with my inner self, let go and just explore shapes in order to create has been invaluable. Words can understate the effect this has had on me - I cannot wait to go out there and do more of the same!'

Camelia Burn

The week in Scotland has definitely changed my life!  When I returned home, I drove through the forest with all these autumn colours and I remembered being a child, collecting coloured leaves and chestnuts, thinking autumn would last for ages.  It came to my mind that it is so important to keep this childish way of seeing things.  Not only because this is necessary to draw, but also because not paying attention to the details in life might be the reason why the time flies so quickly when we get older.'

Martina Scholz, Dog Trainer, Germany

'Nature of Seeing is nourishment of a different kind.

Beyond the eyes.

Beyond the mind's idea of comprehensive knowing.

Touching the heart within.

Connection with the oneness of

Paper, pencil, hand, eye, mind, heart

Feather or whatever.

The essence of unity ensuing

Natural, steady, still and simple.

To be availed here, there and everywhere


Where time and space has no place

Just being...

A practical demonstration of the

Nature of Seeing'

Lynda Spiller

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