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If we were trees, our trunks could be seen as our bodies and souls with roots firmly connected with the earth; our branches reaching out in all directions

to discover the light; our millions of leaves the countless possibilities

for those directions.

The pages here represent some of my tree, where you will find examples

of artwork and commissions from many years. Paintings are from children's books, including Harry Potter of course, greetings cards, posters and prints, magazines and advertising projects, etc. Sculpture is another branch

and until recently a hidden secret passion. 

Around 20 years ago, I would never have guessed that this tree would sprout another limb but that is when I tentatively began teaching drawing-based workshops. This direction has led to more leaves than I could have ever imagined in the form of all the individuals and groups that it has been

my privilege to meet and which it has been my delight to help discover

the true source of creativity that lies within us all.

Nature is always my main inspiration and along with sometimes imagining

myself as a tree, I am regularly found in the forest exploring stillness of the

mind and connecting with the wildlife. Oh, and another new branch is now

playing the bagpipes...

Peace and love, Cliff

All images © Cliff Wright - All rights reserved.

For permission to use an image or to order a print - PLEASE CONTACT

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