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March 2022

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New Chamber of Secrets Private Commission - February 2022

Tadzio Sculpture in Frankfurt - November 2019

- Painting a gorilla for Jersey Zoo - 2019

- Sculpting Tadzio from Death in Venice 

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A new enquiry has led to a unique and extremely satisfying commission.

Stewart had the idea of depicting his family in the Ford Anglia, flying over his house,

as a secret present for his wife's forthcoming birthday.  Time was tight but there was

just enough of it to complete the process of creating a rough sketch, followed by directing Stewart to take photos of his family members in the required positions,

and finally completing the painting.

I'm very happy that Stewart was delighted with the end result and very kindly

shared his thoughts:-

Cliff Wright - 10/10
'I cannot recommend Cliff highly enough - he was very easy to detail with throughout the process and is extremely talented. Upon agreement of the commercials (a painless process) we agreed the scope between us. Subsequently Cliff put together a sketch so we could agree what the final version would look like and also assist me in putting together photos that were needed. He was very amenable to my desired tweaks, pointing out what would and would not be possible, with items only falling into the latter category when they were literally not feasible. With the photos Cliff helped in terms of what was needed as well as giving excellent advice (“the better you can get these, the better the final painting, so it’s worth spending time getting these right”) and being candid when what I had provided initially was not quite what was needed. Following this Cliff kept me up to date on the progress and when he sent through

the final painting I was blown away by how good and accurate it was. I had an idea in my

head, so upon opening the picture I was cognisant it would not be as good as this - how

could it, Cliff had never met me or my family or seen the area he was painting - yet despite

this, it was even better than I had imagined. Then to top it off, Cliff was prepared to hand

deliver the painting to ensure it arrived in one piece. As a result, I’m left with a unique,

fantastic painting that will take pride of place. Thank you Cliff! '



I was delighted to be contacted by Fernando Carmena of the European FilmPhilharmonic Institute. Together with conductor Frank Strobel, he was

designing a series of concerts at the Alte Opera, Frankfurt, entitled Die Lange Nacht.

The performances would trace the exodus of music makers from Europe to Hollywood.

During the evening the HR-Sinfonieorchester would perform Mahler's Adagietto from

the 5th Symphony from Visconti's classic 'Death in Venice' - Fernando's idea was to project an image of my sculpture to accompany the performance along with stills

from the original movie. 


I was honoured indeed to be involved.  Thank you Fernando!


Die Lange Nacht 

Alte Oper Frankfurt, 16.11.2019 

Frank Strobel, conductor 


European FilmPhilharmonic Institute



Earlier this year I was invited to participate in Jersey Zoo's campaign to raise funds for

a new gorilla enclosure.  The project took me from painting a life-size gorilla late Spring to visiting Jersey and the Zoo and an extra-ordinary auction in early November.

More details and photos here









I was delighted last year to be contacted by Criterion Films asking me to consider creating the cover for their Blu-Ray and DVD restoration of Luchino Visconti's classic 1971 movie Death In Venice.  The idea was to make a sculpture of the character of Tadzio from the film that would look like he was ageing or decaying.  After

completing the piece last October I'm thrilled to see the movie released

in the UK this month.


Go to - 


Criterion for more details on the release,

Sculpting Tadzio for an article on how the piece was produced.

And visit my Sculpture page for more images.

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