Wild Encounters

Ever since I can remember I have been thrilled and excited by encounters with wild animals. The connection that I feel at these times is impossible

to put into words but at the very least brings out a sense of completeness

and oneness. Many years of meditation have increased the frequency

and closeness of these encounters - stillness works!

My Nature of Seeing workshops inevitably foster deeper connections with nature and wild places - it is the greatest privilege when a wild creature places some trust in us. Nature will supply us with the answers to our deepest questions if we are willing to look in the right places...

Several years ago I began using a motion sensored infra-red camera

to discover more about our local wildlife and some of the following

images are taken by it.

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I'll be adding links to some short films soon!

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'The world is full of magic things,

patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper'

W.B. Yeats

© Cliff Wright  2016

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Fox 4

The 3 male cubs have dispersed leaving the female to take up her territory where she was born. And over time with the enticement of a few peanuts she becomes very used to me being there...